An international and intergenerational project which represents the vision and the intersectionality of Berklee Global Jazz Institute. Led by the saxophone player and Berklee faculty Patricia Zarate Perez, Global Jazz Womxn presents a repertoire of original compositions and arrangements of other womxn composers.

Patricia Zarate Perez (Chile): alto sax
Camila Cortina (Cuba): piano
Ciara Paula Moser (Austria): electric bass
Francesca Remigi (Italia): drums

Panama Jazz Festival 2022
January 13, 2022


The record “Start from Scratch” tells the evolution of Livio Bartolo’s intervallic research. During the first lockdown, Bartolo developed new strategies and paths in his musical conception and approach. All the compositions for this record were born at home in Taranto (Puglia).

Livio Bartolo: acoustic and electric guitar, compositions
Anais Drago: violin
Francesca Remigi: drums
Andrea Campanella: bass clarinet, clarinet
Aldo Davide di Caterino: G and C flute
Pietro Corbascio: trumpet


Subconscious Trio is formed in Milan since 2015. The members of the trio are Monique Chao (pianist, vocalist); Victoria Kirilova (upright bassist) and Francesca Remigi (drummer). Their repertoire includes original compositions written and arranged by three musicians. Their music is a unique mixture of some widely various musical influences stemming from the different cultural heritages of each band member’s origin: Taiwan, Bulgaria and Italy. In their project, jazz has always represented a common ground. Yet jazz has luckily never limited the exploration of the music or integration of diverse aesthetics, such as: Bulgarian and Taiwanese traditional music, Indian music, pop and funk music. Subconscious Trio’s debut album Water Shapes will soon be released in June 2022. The trio was one of the finalist of the Isio Saba Competition 2022. Within numerous perfomaning experiences of the festivals and clubs such as JazzMI2019, PianoCity 2018, Milestone, Tunne (Wien), Subconscious Trio is ready for more splendor music journey.

Mohan Chao: piano, compositions
Victoria Kirilova: double bass, compositions
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions

Nadav lavie quintet

Israeli double bassist Nadav Lavie is the leader of a thrilling international quintet which is presenting Lavie’s original pieces inspired by jazz tradition and Hebrew musical heritage.

Nadav Lavie: upright bass, compositions
Katie Webster: alto sax
Ray Logan: tenor sax
Camila Cortina: piano
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions

Angela Varo “Dançâ del aire”

”Dançâ del Aire”, begins thanks to the recommendation of Ángela Varo’s mentor pianist and composer Kris Davis. It is the recording of the artist’s first album under the review and partnership of the saxophonist, composer, and Pulitzer prize winner Henry Threadgill and his project “Bakers Dozen”. A project that fusions Visual and Musical arts, and that will produce among 30 albums of artists such as Noah Becker, Nicole Mitchell, Terri Lyne Carrington, Liberty Ellman, Ronnie Burrage, or Henry Threadgill Itself. 

Dançâ del Aire, or Dances of the Air, is a flamenco fusion jazz project developed by Andalusian violinist, composer, arranger, and producer Ángela Varo Moreno Dançâ del Aire explores global emigration and the connections between cultures using the metaphor of air, which represents the potential, the mind, the inner power becoming the wind. All of this is expressed through the concept of jazz, flamenco, and her Mediterranean and ROM influences. Dançâ del Aire is a musical journey of generational healing, empowering, and soul.

Angela Varo Moreno: violin, compositions
Aditi Malhotra, Devon Gates, Arina Bagaryakova: vocals
Steven Montecucco: trumpet
Giorgio Albanese: accordion
Paolo Peruzzi: vibraphone
Luke Walker: steelpan
Isaac Romagosa: electric and acoustic guitar
Cesare Panizzi: piano, compositions
Ciara Moser, Nick Isherwood, Devon Gates: double bass
Francesca Remigi: drums

February 2022


Holly Blue, a modern jazz band based in Brussels founded by the Dutch singer Renée Steenvoorden. The band presents compositions in a modern jazz style with some influences of pop and folk music. Renée takes inspiration for her own compositions from her own experiences in life, today’s society, the beautiful nature of Ireland and Scotland and their folk music tradition. Holly Blue started playing together in spring 2018. It’s a young band with a passion for jazz and together they found their own sound.

Renée Steenvoorden: vocals, compositions
Yu-Ting Li: piano
Ramon van Merkenstein: double bass
Francesca Remigi: drums

October 2018


The piano jazz trio “Dragon Tree” was born in Maastricht in 2017, when three young and talented women of Conservatorium Maastricht got together to making music. It’s a very tight-knit project, which mainly presents own composition of the band members. Their music gives a lot of space to the improvisation, which is developed according to each members’ sensibility, always trying to keep the participation to the music equal and balanced.

Jette de Koning: piano
Louise van den Heuvel: bass
Francesca Remigi: drums



Jana Debusk: vocals, compositions
Miguel Angel Lous: alto saxophone
Sonja Tavormina: arp
Tanjung Kim: guitar
Jette de Koning: piano
Louise van den Heuvel: electric bass
Francesca Remigi: drums

SIX DEGREES – ALBUM “Under the High Tide”

Silvia Corna: vocals
Davide Zandonella: guitar
Daniele Colombo: keys, rhythmic guitar
Lorenzo Mazzucchetti: electric bass
Francesca Remigi: drums

LA MEZCLA LOCA latin band


Ariane Bauer: vocals
Elise van Assache: vocals
Elke Nijst: vocals
Koen Stegerman: guitar
Michaël Boonen: guitar
Janneke van Tuyl: piano
Lukas Meyer: electric bass
Francesca Remigi: drums