Archipélagos is a jazz progressive band born in Bruxelles in May 2019, led by the drummer Francesca Remigi, finalist at the Maastricht jazz Awards 2020. Her music is inspired by some socio-political concepts theorized by thinkers such as Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Roberto Saviano, Samuel Huntington and William McNeill, with the aim of expressing some of the key notions of their thinking through music, such as the liquidity of social relationships, the decadence of the concept of “society” as perceived nowadays, the decay of the capitalist free market economy, the evolution of the armed forces’ organization, the development of an almighty and unbridled individualism… 
Compositional solutions and refined sounds inspired by modern jazz, by contemporary classical music, by progressive-rock music, by Indian carnatic music, by electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this international sextet, meeting point of different cultures and musical heritages.
The band performs in festivals and venues all over Europe, such as Rassegna Montagnola 2020, Jazz Maastricht 2020, Roskam Brussels 2020, Ambria Jazz Festival 2021, You Must Believe in Spring 2021 (Mantova, 4’33” association), Barga Jazz Festival 2021, Bergamo Jazz Festival 2021.
Archipelagos’ first album gets published in December 2020, recorded at TubeStudio in July 2020 and produced by the Italian label “Emme Produzioni Musicali”.

Claire Parsons: vocals, effects
Federico Calcagno: bass clarinet
Niran Dasika: trumpet
Simon Groppe: piano
Ramon van Merkenstein: double bass
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions

Palazzo Te, Mantova (IT)
Palazzo Te, Mantova (IT)


“Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021” winners Francesca Remigi and Federico Calcagno find themselves sharing the scene again by presenting a new anomalous and intriguing acoustic duo.
Although bass clarinet and drums is not one of the most common line-ups, the fusion of such singular personalities and the intimacy that blossoms from it guide the listener into an oniric dimension where you can easily forget to be listening to those instruments.
The musicians’ creative need and the constant research of personal musical approaches generate an involving sonic experience, characterized by a wide variety of timbre and dynamic nuances. The duo focuses on how to make music in the present, through instant composing practices and the re-elaboration of original compositions. It gives room to different music influences and ranges from jazz to classical and contemporary music.
The Duo performs for Bergamo Jazz Memories 2021, organized by Teatro Donizetti Foundation, and for Il Jazz Italiano per le Terre del Sisma 2021.

Federico Calcagno: clarinet and bass clarinet
Francesca Remigi: drums and percussions

Bergamo Jazz Memories 2021


Italy, Bulgaria, and Taiwan, if it’s not of jazz, they would never know each other. Cross over the boundary, they combine their different music tastes, habits and thoughts, and transformed them bravely into Subconscious Trio’s unique sound. You may call it some kind of big mixture of jazz generes, but more precisely it’s an interesting positive jazz compromise. Victoria Kirilova, Monique Chao and Francesca Remigi present a program of original tunes and some re-arranged standards, fruit of their jazz music ​internalization, which was already performed in many festivals and venues such as JAZZMI2019 and PIANOCITY Milano 2018.

Mohan Chao: piano, compositions
Victoria Kirilova: double bass, compositions
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions

Soul’s Spring

Soul’s Spring – La fonte dell’Anima – is a modern jazz project born in Brussels in March 2018, under the lead of the drummer and composer Francesca Remigi, and formed with the goal to find a way to express the inner self through music. We consider music as the main source (Spring) of our creativity and identity (Soul): it’s our own voice to touch people and reach them with the essence of who we are as thoughtful beings. Therefore, our message talks about ourself and how we perceive this manifold and controversial world we live in: it expresses our feelings provoked by the impact with sorrowful realities which touch us directly, as immigration, violence against women, social exclusion, but also about some more intimate experiences, as absence and remoteness. 
The compositions are inspired by the nowadays New York modern jazz scene, focusing in particular on rhythmic experimentation, through polyrhythms and metric modulations. Among the reference artists we have Tigran Hamasyan, Vijay Iyer, Shai Maestro, Avishai Cohen, Steve Coleman, Dan Weiss, Stéphane Galland and many others.

Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions
Andreas Polyzogopoulos: trumpet, flugelhorn
Giovanni Di Carlo: guitar
Simon Groppe: piano
Ramon van Merkenstein: double bass
Flavio Spampanato: vocals

Jazz Station (Bxl)
Jazz Station (Bxl)