“Francesca is a bold and vibrant musical force. Her compositions are edgy, thoughtful, and played with a compelling fervor that insists that you come along for the ride. A ride that I can guarantee is well worth it.”
Linda May Han Oh

“Francesca’s drumming, composing, and arranging for her new record The Human Web is stellar. Everything sounds so fresh to my ears. I’m really proud of her.” 
Dan Weiss

“Ever since I’ve known Francesca, she has had an uncompromising vision as both a performer and a composer. Her recording Il Labirinto dei Topi is one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory.”
Steve Lehman


Out on December 2 on Habitable Records

Universal engagement and free forms of exploration are the terms which better describe the body of work of these two musicians.
Hinds and Remigi’s music is a s shapeshifting and fresh discovery, made of electronic and acoustic sounds of 11 stringed instruments, 8 drums, 19 cymbals and multiple unconventional toys. This eclectic, ecstatic and exploratory duo strives for sonic research and for breaking the barriers of the conventional process of music making.

Killick Hinds: stringed instruments, bells, electronics
Francesca Remigi: acoustic and electronic drums, percussions

Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Killick Hinds
Graphic Designer: Caro Nebbia


Empowered Kind – TEASERS

Melbourne International Jazz Festival (Oct. 15)


IRIS (NAkanishi/Remigi)

West Coast Tour | March 2023

Naomi Nakanishi and Francesca Remigi’s IRIS band is setting off for a West Coast Tour in the month of March, touching cities such as Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Album Recording | April 2023

The band ELEKRA lead by singer and composer Camilla Battaglia is recording a new album which will be released at the beginning of 2024 by US-based label Ropeadope.

Subconscious Trio

Taiwan Tour | August 2023

Thanks to the precious support of the Italian Office of Culture in Taipei and of Italia Music Export, Subconscious Trio is playing a tour of 5 concerts in Taiwan’s major cities.