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Diomedeo (P.Peruzzi)

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GOGODUCKS is an experimental jazz trio composed by drummer Francesca Remigi, guitar player Luca Zennaro and vibraphone player Paolo Peruzzi. Together they present a contemporary and innovative repertoire of original music which looks for liquid and free approaches to music research. GoGoDucks performs at international festivals such as Umbria Jazz 2022 and Ponte in Jazz 2022. Their first album is recorded at Bunker Recording Studio (Chioggia) in January 2023 and soon to be released.

Luca Zennaro: guitar, electronics, composition
Paolo Peruzzi: vibraphone, composition
Francesca Remigi: drums, composition

Luca Zennaro

“For his young age, Italian guitarist Luca Zennaro exhibits a strong musical personality” (Jazztrail Journal, NYC). Luca Zennaro (1997, Venice) is an artist who has explored different faces of music in the past years: with his new EP ZENMUSIC (2022) he approaches electronic music in a fresh and interesting way. Luca was 2nd place winner of Riga Jazz Stage 2017, finalist of the prestigious competition “Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani 2017”, and the winner of “Tomorrow’s Jazz 2018” prize in Teatro La Fenice, Venice. During the summer of 2017 he records his debut album Javaskara which receives good feedback from the critics, and in 2019 he records his second album When Nobody Is Listening. Luca is also co-founder of the bassless trio HackOut! (alongside Manuel Caliumi and Riccardo Cocetti) with which he toured Europe during the fall of 2021. He has appeared in festival and venues in Israel, UK, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and Latvia. Luca is considered as one of the most interesting young musicians of the Italian Jazz scene.

Paolo Peruzzi

In the words of Terri Lyne Carrington, Paolo Peruzzi (born in Verona, Italy) is an eclectic and visionary improviser, performer, and composer of jazz and contemporary music “with the inquisitive and curious nature to push the genre forward.” In 2019 Paolo earned a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Drums and Percussions from Conservatorio A. Pedrollo in Vicenza, Italy, and in 2022 he earned a Performance Diploma from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. In 2015, he founded the multi-awarded chamber percussion ensemble Palladrum. He has performed alongside world renowned artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Kris Davis, Terri Lyne Carrington, Bruno Råberg, Francisco Mela, Saverio Tasca, Ed Saindon, Mario Brunello. He worked in the studios with the producers Larry Klein and Alain Mallet. He has brought his music throughout Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Turkey, and the United States.

Francesca Remigi

NYC-based musician, Francesca Remigi is a multifaceted drummer, an inquisitive improviser and a visionary composer from Bergamo, Italy. Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (Italia-Jazz) and Top Jazz 2022 (Musica Jazz) winner, Francesca is known for her international collaborations in the avant-garde and free improv jazz scene featuring musicians such as Danilo Perez, Steve Lehman, Kris Davis, George Garzone, Nicole Glover, Val Jeanty, Immanuel Wilkins, Marion Hayden, Ellen Rowe, Sharel Cassity, Bruno Chevillon, Joachim Florent and many others, with appearances at EFG London Jazz Festival 2020, Panama Jazz Festival 2022, DC Jazz Festival 2021, L’OFF Jazz 2022 (Montréal) and Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2022. Berklee Global Jazz Institute and Berklee Jazz and Gender Justice Institute alumna Francesca Remigi is also one of the founder of the independent label “Habitable Records”.

GoGoDucks @Studio TEGA
GoGoDucks @Studio TEGA
Luca Zennaro – Contacts

Address: Rione S.Giacomo 794,  Chioggia (VE) 30015
Phone: +39 3466045338
E-mail: lucazennaro96@gmail.com
Tax Code: ZNNLCU97A28C638Z

Paolo Peruzzi – Contacts

Address: Via Lucio III 10, 37139 Verona (VR)
Phone: +39 3473288576
E-mail: pperuzzi@berklee.edu
Tax Code: PRZPLA94A03F861V

Francesca Remigi – Contacts

Address: Via Mazzini 176, 24021 Albino (BG)
Phone: +39 3466417752 (ITA), +1 6462031010 (US)
E-mail: fremigi@berklee.edu
Tax Code: RMGFNC96P57A163L


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