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“Ever since I’ve known Francesca, she has had an uncompromising vision as both a performer and a composer. Her new recording is one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory.”


“Il Labirinto dei Topi” by Francesca Remigi is an album full of surprises, of various moods, daring musical approaches and extremely creative, interesting and exciting music. Francesca is not only a talented drummer, creative and original composer, she’s also a true leader and surrounds herself by some of the best young talents to express her personal vision that won’t leave you indifferent. In the end, all I wish to say is that I just LOVE this album and won’t be able to express all the reasons why. Have a listen, but be aware… high addiction risk.”



Claire Parsons: vocals, effects (LUX)
Federico Calcagno: bass clarinet (IT)
Niran Dasika: trumpet (AUS)
Simon Groppe: piano (FR)
Ramon van Merkenstein: double bass (NL) 
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions (IT)

Album recorded at Tube Recording Studio (Roma), on July 13th and 14th 2020.

SINGLE RELEASE: December 20th, 2020
ALBUM RELEASE: January 5th, 2021

Record Label: Emme Record Label
Recording Engineer: Francesco Lupi
Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Stefano Spina
Photo Credit: Patrizio Previtali
Graphic Designer: Silvia Carbotti

TOTAL TIME: 54,17 min


Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (ItaliaJazz) and  Top Jazz 2021 (MusicaJazz) winner Archipélagos is a contemporary jazz band born in Bruxelles in May 2019, led by Italian drummer and composer Francesca Remigi.

In Steve Lehman’s words “Francesca has had an uncompromising vision as both a performer and a composer. Archipélagos’ new recording “Il Labirinto Dei Topi” is one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory.” Archipélagos’ first album was published by Emme Record Label in January 2021. 

The music is inspired by some socio-political concepts theorized by thinkers such as Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Roberto Saviano and William McNeill, with the aim of considering and unraveling our society’s internal dynamics and functioning, denouncing its uncertainties and existential angst. Some of the addressed issues are the liquidity of social relationships, the decay of the capitalist free market economy, the evolution of criminal organization and the weapon market’s growth.

Compositional solutions and refined sounds inspired by modern jazz, by contemporary classical music, by progressive-rock music, by Indian carnatic music, by electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this international quintet, meeting point of different cultures and musical heritages.

Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020 finalist and Barga Jazz Competition 2021 winner, Archipélagos has been performing in festivals and venues all over Europe, such as Rassegna Montagnola 2020, Roskam Brussels 2020, Ambria Jazz Festival 2021, You Must Believe in Spring 2021 (Mantova, 4’33” association), So What’s Next? 2021 (NL), Bergamo Jazz Festival 2021, Barga Jazz Festival 2021.


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The album Il Labirinto Dei Topi draws its inspiration from some socio-political concepts theorized by writers such as Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Roberto Saviano, Samuel Huntington and William McNeill, and aims to investigate and disclose the crumbling contemporary society’s functioning and dynamics by denouncing its uncertainties and existential angsts. Some of the topics addressed are the liquidity of social relationships, the decadence of the concept of “society” as perceived nowadays, the capitalist free market- based economy’s failure, the evolution of mafia-like criminal organizations, the weapons’ trade growth, the development of an almighty and unbridled individualism… 

The mathematical and rhythmic rigor of the compositions, influenced by Indian Carnatic music, wants to symbolize that kind of “Matrix” highly organized society which oppresses and controls his subjects through Social Media and Corporations. That is contrasted by moments of radical free improvisation, metaphor of individuals rising up against pre-established social schemes, and by moments predominated by a marked individualism of one or more members of the band (solo sections), who might eventually find a shared way of communication through collective improvisation. So, at the end, what this music tries to transmit is a positive message of solidarity and hope in the human kind, where music turns out to be a way for people to stick together and to feel a sense of belonging to the same community (Archipélagos), even maintaining their own individuality. That’s actually the meaning of the band’s name: Archipélagos, which is the Spanish translation of “groups of islands”, symbolizes people’s attempt to gather together through music, and find alternative ways of supporting each other.

The single Il Labirinto Dei Topi (“The Rat’s Labyrinth”), recalls a cognitive scientist Edward C. Tolman’s sociological experiment made on rats: a bunch of rats is forced into a labyrinth provided with some food at the exit of it. Humans observe the rats’ behavior while the animals seek the maze’s exit and the food, quickly learning their way through the labyrinth. The observers do not care about the sense of hunger and struggle felt by the rats during their path into the maze; they’re just interested in the scientific outcomes of the experiment. I think that’s a strong metaphor of humans’ life and existence: we try hard to succeed in what we do and to make a difference in the world, but then we just might be trapped in some kind of fated scheme in which individuals are just numbers whose existences are driven by some unknown superior social plans. In this apocalyptic scenario, music and art can be the tool which saves some fundamental values of sharing, of mutual support and community, and bring awareness about humans’ social condition. The track Gomorra takes inspiration from the eponymous book written by the Italian author Roberto Saviano, where he describes the particulars of the business of the Camorra, a powerful Neapolitan mafia-like organization whose main activities focus on money laundering, racketeering, drug dealing and counterfeiting. This composition sharply portrays a cross section of the Italian degraded economical and social reality, brought to his knees by this parasitic gang. The piece Scherzo is also connected to ideas of social dysfunction and standardization: it describes the kind of “Matrix” highly organized society which oppresses and controls individuals through globalization and consumerism. In fact, mass-media and corporations create and impose stereotypes which people try to imitate, causing loss of individuality and critical thinking. This song is meant to denounce the lack of human diversity due to the unstoppable globalization process, and to highlight the feeling of uncertainty and distrust towards the ruling oligarchy. Another track called Intermezzo is inspired by Griséy and Murail’s Spectral music, by Contemporary Classical music, and deals with quarter tones and sound spectra. The Shooting is a piece which was composed to honor the victims of Las Vegas Strip shooting (October 2017), and which more broadly denounces crimes committed because of legal (and illegal) weapons trade. To Vijay and Tiger Study are instead two pieces composed in homage to two great pianists who deeply influenced my writing: Vijay Yier and Tigran Hamasyan.

Compositional solutions and refined sounds inspired by modern jazz, by contemporary classical music, by progressive-rock music, by Indian Carnatic music, by electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this ground-breaking musical proposition, melting pot of different cultures and musical heritages.


Boston-based musician, Francesca Remigi is a polyhedric drummer, an inquisitive improviser and a visionary composer from Bergamo, Italy. Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (ItaliaJazz) and Top Jazz 2022 (Musica Jazz) winner, Francesca is known for her international collaborations in the avant-garde and free improv jazz scene featuring musicians such as Steve Lehman, Joachim Florent, Kris Davis, George Garzone, Val Jeanty, Immanuel Wilkins, Patricia Perez, Marion Hayden, Ellen Rowe, Sharel Cassity and Nicole Glover. and many others, with appearances at EFG London Jazz Festival 2020, Panama Jazz Festival 2022, Vermont Jazz Festival 2021 and DC Jazz Festival 2021.

Francesca’s main project Archipélagos has performed in festivals and venues all over Europe (So What’s Next? Festival 2021, Bergamo Jazz Festival 2021, Ambria Jazz Festival 2021, Novara Jazz, Sile Jazz,…).  It has won several jazz competitions such as Barga Jazz Contest 2021 and All You Have to do is Play 2019, and it was also one of the finalists of the Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020 and of the Gexto Jazz Competition 2022. Archipélagos’ first album Il Labirinto Dei Topi was published in 2021, “one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory” according to Steve Lehman. Francesca’s second album The Human Web was released March 2022. In Linda May Han Oh’s words, “Francesca is a bold and vibrant musical force.The Human Web’s compositions are edgy, thoughtful, and played with a compelling fervor that insists that you come along for the ride. A ride that I can guarantee is well worth it.”

Berklee Global Jazz Institute alumna Francesca Remigi is one of the founders of the independent label “Habitable Records” and she’s also an intern at The Jazz Gallery. She has also participated in many different mentorship programs and artistic residencies, such as UmbriaJazz 2012, SienaJazz 2018, Banff Jazz Residency 2019 directed by Vijay Yier and Tyshawn Sorey, La Casa del Jazz Artistic Residency 2020, organized by MIDJ association, and “Mutual Mentorship for Musicians” (M3) program, run by vocalists Jen Shyu and Sara Serpa.

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