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Empowered kind

Universal engagement and free forms of exploration are the terms which better describe the body of work of these two musicians. Hinds and Remigi’s music is a s shapeshifting and fresh discovery, made of electronic and acoustic sounds of 11 stringed instruments, 8 drums, 19 cymbals and multiple unconventional toys. This eclectic, ecstatic and exploratory duo strives for sonic research and for breaking the barriers of the conventional process of music making.

All tracks composed and arranged by Hinds and Remigi
Killick Hinds: stringed instruments, bells, electronics 
Francesca Remigi: acoustic and electronic drums, percussions
with Delene Porter on Symbiote (10)

Recorded at The Glow Recording Studio (Athens GA, US) on February 17 and 18, 2022

Record Label: Habitable Records, H(i)nds(i)ght Recording Engineer: Jesse Mangum

Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Killick Hinds 
Photo Credit: Delene Porter
Graphic Designer: Caro Nebbia

Released on December 2, 2022.

• NY-based musician, Francesca Remigi is a multifaceted drummer, an inquisitive improviser and a visionary composer from Bergamo, Italy. Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (ItaliaJazz), SIAE Award 2022 and Top Jazz 2022 (Musica Jazz) winner, Francesca is known for her international collaborations in the avant- garde and free improv jazz scene featuring musicians such as Steve Lehman, Danilo Perez, Kris Davis, George Garzone, Val Jeanty, Immanuel Wilkins, Marion Hayden, Ellen Rowe, Sharel Cassity, Joachim Florent, Bruno Chevillon, Yuhan Su and many others, with appearances at international festivals such as EFG London Jazz Festival 2020, DC Jazz Festival 2021, Panama Jazz Festival 2022, Chile Jazz por la Paz 2022, L’Off Jazz Festival 2022 (Montreal), Melbourne Jazz Festival 2022… Berklee Global Jazz Institute and Berklee JGJ alumna Francesca Remigi is one of the founders of the independent label Habitable Records.

• Killick Hinds lives in Athens, Georgia USA. His music is Appalachian Trance Metal made on unusual stringed instruments with an emphasis on unquantifiable rhythms (shaping time), intuitive intonation (shaping pitch), and shamanistic ROYGBIV (shaping color). The primary sonic influences on Killick are animals, wind, water, fire, electrical hum, and silence. Pop-culture mashups and ancient and obscure forms infuse his music; the effect more closely resembles speech patterns and emotionally-drawn architecture than it does conventional Western music. Despite its eclectic nature the sounds are surprisingly familiar and accessible to audiences of all ages and levels of musical involvement. Killick is a co-founder of Habitable Records and offers mastering services for dynamic sounds through H(i)nds(i)ght Studio. More than 300 Killick albums can be found via his Bandcamp page.

Francesca Remigi – Contacts

Address: Via Mazzini 176, 24021 Albino (BG)
Phone: +39 3466417752 (ITA), +1 6462031010 (US)
E-mail: fremigi@berklee.edu

Killick Hinds – Contacts

Phone: +1 7062011972 (US)
E-mail: you@killick.me