Claire Parsons: vocals, effects
Federico Calcagno: bass clarinet
Filippo Rinaldo: piano
Stefano Zambon: double bass
Francesca Remigi: drums, compositions


“Ever since I’ve known Francesca, she has had an uncompromising vision as both a performer and a composer. Her new recording is one of the most exciting debut albums I’ve heard in recent memory.”


“Il Labirinto dei Topi” by Francesca Remigi is an album full of surprises, of various moods, daring musical approaches and extremely creative, interesting and exciting music. Francesca is not only a talented drummer, creative and original composer, she’s also a true leader and surrounds herself by some of the best young talents to express her personal vision that won’t leave you indifferent. In the end, all I wish to say is that I just LOVE this album and won’t be able to express all the reasons why. Have a listen, but be aware… high addiction risk.”


Archipélagos is a jazz progressive band born in Bruxelles in May 2019, led by the drummer Francesca Remigi, finalist at the Maastricht jazz Awards 2020 and winner of All You Have To Do is Play 2019 e Nuova Generazione Jazz 2021 (Italia Jazz). 

Archipélagos’ music draws inspiration from some socio-political concepts theorized by sociologists and historians such as Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Roberto Saviano, Samuel Huntington and William McNeill, with the aim of expressing some of the key notions of their thinking through music, such as the liquidity of social relationships, the decadence of the concept of “society” as perceived nowadays, the decay of the capitalist free market economy, the evolution of the armed forces’ organization, the development of an almighty and unbridled individualism… 

Compositional solutions and refined sounds inspired by modern jazz, by contemporary classical music, by progressive-rock music, by Indian carnatic music, by electronic music and free jazz characterize the unique aesthetic of this international quintet, meeting point of different cultures and musical heritages.

The band performs in festivals and venues all over Europe, such as the Festival della Balotta (IT), Jazz Maastricht (NL), So What’s Next? Jazz Festival 2020 (NL), Roskam Brussels (BE), Ambria Jazz Festival (IT),… 

Archipelagos’ first album Il Labirinto dei Topi gets published in January 2021, recorded at TubeStudio in July 2020 and produced by the Italian label “Emme Record Label”.

Archipélagos @ Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020
Archipélagos @ Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020

Prog Jazz (NL)

Il Labirinto dei Topi is a highly admirable and impressive piece of art. This recording may request some resilience from the average listener, so make sure your stamina for out-of-the-box composition and playing is well-stocked.

Jazz Espresso

Il Labirinto dei Topi is a record full of original and surprising ideas; supported by a lucid aesthetic, at the same time fierce and intriguing.

OndaRock (IT)

However it may be dark, dystopic, rarely soothing and even prone to brutality, Il Labirinto dei Topi is an immersive and shimmering record, which – thanks to wise compositional wiles – can entice listeners with sophisticated solo sections and vibrant collective sounds. It presents a post-Orwellian concept where the metaphor of the rats locked up in the dead-ended maze pervades the whole sonic system.


Francesca is a demanding person who always looks for perfection (maybe because she was born under the sign of Virgo, for believers). Well, my dear friends, here it’s not a matter of zodiac, but strong personality and infinite love for music and rhythm.
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Notable Performances

Festival Valle dei Templi | Agrigento (IT) 2021
Ambria Jazz Festival | Sondrio (IT) 2021
Mantova Jazz Festival | Mantova (IT) 2021
Fara Jazz Festival | Roma (IT) 2021
Festival della Balotta | Bologna (IT) 2020
Roskam Brussels | Bruxelles (BE) 2020
Jazz Maastricht | Maastricht (NL) 2020

Francesca Remigi – Contacts

Phone: +39 3466417752